Overview for California

For the 2020-21 school year, data from the California Department of Education (CDE)  on school learning models and student enrollment by learning model are in progress and are expected to be integrated into the COVID-19 School Data Hub in Fall 2021. COVID-19 case data for the state’s schools or districts are not currently available. The state had a mask mandate in effect throughout the school year; this is reflected in the staff and student masking data for all state districts.

Data Details

Please review the Data Details for California for important information on the datasets presented below.

September, 2020
In Person
No Data

Note that not all states have available data at this time.

Public Data Sources for California

Learning Model Data
DataLearning model data available?SourceData LevelTime IntervalDownload
CA Learning Model DataNo
COVID-19 Case Data and Masking Policy Data
DataAvailable?SourceData LevelDownload
CA COVID-19 DataNo
CA Masking DataYesState Mask MandateDistrictcsv svgxls svg